Monday, September 28, 2015


Sr Grumpy passed away, a little over two months ago, and I still CONSTANTLY find myself thinking of him. I don’t know how many times I look at the clock waiting for his bus to drop him off. Every time I’m out getting dinner I always think of what I can get him that would be easy for him to eat. The other day, the thought popped into my head, when his next doctor appointment was.  

The last two days, I’ve had dreams of him. The first dream, we were having a family party and when I turned a corner there he was sitting on a bench with my uncle Arturo. Now, why I dreamed of Arturo, I have no idea; but he’s passed as well. I was unsure if what I was seeing was true, I was aware that he was dead. So I kept asking people if they ‘saw’ them too. But finally I couldn’t help myself and so I ran to him. When Sr Grumpy saw me, he smiled this huge smile at me and he hugged me. I told him how much I missed him.

The second dream, I was driving in the car and he was in the passenger seat. I didn’t recognize the streets but I knew where I was going. He never spoke to me, but at one point I told him: “We’re fine. Nothing bad is going to happen". That’s when the car went up a curb and we flipped, I was going 70 mph. I remember focusing on his face as I felt the car flip around us. The next moment, the car was right side up and we were driving into a gate; the car was destroyed. I spoke to the guard; he asked if I was okay. I told him that I was fine but that Sr Grumpy was hurt; I had looked at him before turning to the guard. Sr Grumpy had a cut over his left eye that was bleeding. The guard looked at me like I was crazy, when I turned back to Sr Grumpy, he was gone. The next moment, I was in a hospital - alone.

I haven’t told anyone about these dreams; I’m unsure what they mean. But I know I don’t want to forget them.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chains, Not Necklaces

I spend a lot of time with my aunt, I love her dearly and she is one of the most important people in my life. We are similar in so many ways. We’re always on the same wave-link, but even with our same taste in toys, food and movies there’s so much that we differ in.

One day, I was hanging out with her and her granddaughter (my second cousin) when a conversation took place that I wasn’t comfortable with.

Cousin: 'Mommy says boys don’t wear necklaces'.
Aunt: 'That’s right. Girls wear necklaces and boys wear chains'.

How odd is it that we have to create a completely new word for an item that’s the exact same thing just so it can be gender specific?

And of course it would be taboo if the “chain” was thin and had a charm hanging from it; or had any decoration that might be considered “feminine”.

Why can’t a boy wear a necklace? Or play with a doll, wear a dress, paint their nails?

Little girls have a little more “creative” freedom. They can play with cars, action-figures, and play dress up in anything they want to. Because that “creativity” makes them stronger and more confidant. But if little boys play with "girl toys" or like the color pink, it makes them weak.

It saddens me that we live in a double standard world. That is FAR from changing.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

You Are LOVED!

Mercy triumphs over judgement. What a powerful and life-changing concept - if we can accept it.

Sometimes that's the hardest part. It can be so hard for us to accept God's love and mercy. It's in His out stretched hand, all we have to do is grasp it and be dramatically changed.

I encourage you to watch this video and allow God's mercy, grace and love to dramatically change you.

Stop standing on your own, you don't have to any more.